ISSUANCE.SWISS is a turn-key solution designed to faciliate the creation and launch of financial products across a wide range of assets, powered by the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge of a global administration platform for funds and structured products, Apex Group, ensuring security and compliance throughout the process. AG is a Special Purpose Vehicle exclusively dedicated to issuance of segregated note series and certificates backed by investment assets, on a standalone basis, wholly owned by a Swiss Foundation, Stiftung, subject to Swiss federal monitoring authority, for the purpose of ring-fencing noteholders from any external credit risks of Apex Group or another service provider involved in administration of the issuance programme.

The issuance of segregated note series takes place under its Multi-currency Asset Based Security master issuance programme. The programme has been approved by Swiss and European authorities and admitted to issuance of products, which can be listed on Swiss and European exchanges or privately placed products. All products issued under the programme are cleared via central security depositories (SIX, Euroclear & Clearstream), making them simple to trade and can be held in custody by any depository bank in the world. AG is a corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) organised under the laws of Switzerland (“the Issuer”) and Stiftung is a Foundation established under the laws of Switzerland, (CHE-168.673.365), subject to Swiss federal monitoring authority (Federal Department of Home Affaires):

                                                                                            Company Name : AG

                                                                                            Registered Address : Zugerstrasse 76B, 6340 Baar, Switzerland                                                                                                                                                  Telephone : +41 44 551 00 52

                                                                                            Company Number : CHE-340.510.964                                                                                                                                                                                               Unique Identification Number for Businesses (UID) : CH-170-3048232-0                                                                                                                               Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) : 5067000950889C27EM46

Investor Information and Product Documenation

This website contains full information on the AG and the offer of the Products on the basis of the combination of Final Terms and the Base Prospectus, avaiable under relevent sections of this website.

For enquiries regarding the Products, Transaction Documents or Services, please contact AG, via mail

The Rise of Exchange Traded Products

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) provide a convenient, regulated, and cost-effective avenue for both retail and institutional investors to engage with various underlying investments, and the realm of digital assets is no exception.

Since the inception of the initial bitcoin tracker in Sweden in 2015, digital asset ETPs have transcended their primarily European presence, evolving into a globally expanding market. The number of these products has surged from a mere 17 at the close of 2020 to approximately 180 available for trading today. With an increasing number of traditional financial institutions joining forces with digital asset-native companies to issue ETPs, it is becoming evident that these instruments play a crucial role not only in broadening investor access to digital assets but also in fostering the wider acceptance and integration of digital assets in global financial markets.

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) represent a class of financial instruments traded on regulated stock exchanges during regular trading hours, mirroring the performance of an underlying benchmark, asset, or portfolio.

This category encompasses three primary types of ETPs: exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs), and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs). While ETFs function as investment funds, ETNs and ETCs take the form of debt securities. ETCs specifically monitor physical commodities like gold and oil, while ETNs cover a broad spectrum of other financial instruments. Since the inception of the inaugural ETF in 1993, marking its thirtieth anniversary this year, ETPs have evolved from mere equity market trackers to arguably one of the most groundbreaking investment product categories, offering investors exposure to a diverse range of innovative underlyings.

Especially in the last two decades, these financial instruments have demonstrated consistent expansion, culminating in a global presence of 11,859 products and 23,931 listings. These offerings originate from 718 providers listed across 81 exchanges in 63 countries. Among them, ETFs constitute the predominant share of assets, representing $10,747 billion or 98% of the overall $10,990 billion in ETP assets (according to data from ETFbook as of the end of November 2023). Oliver Wyman anticipates a heightened growth trajectory for ETFs, forecasting an annual growth rate ranging from 13% to 18% from 2022 to 2027.

“ETP is a key pillar of Apex digital assets strategy for institutionalising blockchain for regulated financial institutions, who are struggling with regulatory, compliance or operational challenges related to direct exposure on balance sheet to digital assets.”


Bruce Jackson, global chief of digital assets at Apex Group and board member of AG



“A bitcoin ETP would offer convenience and security to investors who do not want to deal with the hassle of managing their own private keys or trusting third-party custodians. It would also enable financial advisers to easily allocate bitcoin to their clients’ portfolios using familiar and trusted platforms.”


Laurent Kssis, independent board member of AG and crypto ETP veteran 



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